Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop teaches languages and literature (Latin and Ancient Greek) in the Centre for Classical Studies, ANU. Over the past decade, his research has expanded from the poetry and Latinity of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle-Ages to include an exploration of the reception of neo-classical and medievalist tropes in popular fiction, comic books and video games. In 2013 he was awarded a John W. Kluge Fellowship at the Library of Congress (Washington DC) to undertake a project entitled Medievalism and the Modern Comic Book.

Recent Publications:

2018, ‘Reading Antiquity in Metro Redux’, Games and Culture, pp. 1-20

2017, ‘The dissemblance of the constructed landscape in Ausonius’ Mosella’Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association, vol. 13, pp. 1-17.

2016, Medievalist Comics and the American Century, University Press of Mississippi: Jackson.

2016, ‘Assessing visigoth latinity in the late sixth century: The contribution of Reccared’s letter to Gregory I’, Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association, vol. 12, pp. 35-52.

2015, ‘Low-Culture Receptions of Tolkien’s High Fantasy: You can’t always get what you want’, in Helen Young (ed.), Fantasy and Science-Fiction Medievalisms: From Isaac Asimov to A Game of Thrones, Cambria Press: New York, pp. 13-33.

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