Christie Margrave

Christie Margrave is a Lecturer in French Studies and convenor of the FREN1003/1004 programme at the ANU. Her first book Writing the Landscape: Exposing Nature in French Women’s Fiction, 1789-1815 (Cambridge: Legenda, 2019) analyses the works of French female novelists from the First Republic and First Empire. On account of the supposed link between women and nature, women in post-revolutionary France were pigeonholed into a very restrictive domestic sphere. Yet this book shows how women writers re-appropriated nature in order to reclaim the voice denied to them and to their sex by society. It also analyses the substantial influence these writers had on European Romanticism. Christie’s current project analyses late 18th- and early 19th-century French literature from an ecocritical perspective. It aims to shed new light on the way we view French literature of the Enlightenment, early Romanticism, the Industrial Revolution and the colonial period. The project explores literature, sociological history, the historical portrayal of industrial development and ecological thought and centres around several areas of burgeoning research, including ecocriticism, ecofeminism, ecotheology, and postcolonialism. Christie has published on these topics in Essays in French Literature and Culture, and also has articles coming out in 2019 in Dix-Neuf and in Women’s Writing: Women Writing Men.