Greta Hawes

Greta Hawes is a scholar of Greek myth. She is author of Rationalizing myth in antiquity (OUP: 2014) and editor of Myths on the map: the storied landscapes of ancient Greece (OUP: 2017). Her current work examines the myriad connections between stories and the physical landscape. This broad theme is apparent in various on-going research projects, including: a study of the role of storytelling in ancient travel writing; exploration of the topographical architecture of prose texts and the hodological processes of reading; commentaries on the spatialised narratives of the Periegesis of Pausanias and the De Fluuiis of Ps-Plutarch; and MANTO, a collaborative project to map Greek myth using digital tools. 

She has been recipient of a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship (2011-13) and an Australian Research Council DECRA (2017-20)