Welcome to CuSPP! This network brings together researchers, scholars, and writers working in and beyond the Australian National University in Canberra in cultures of screen, performance, and print. CuSPP encompasses literary and screen studies, cultural history, theatre and performance studies, digital cultures and humanities, book history and reception studies. It explores relationships across time and place, from the ancient world to the present day. On this website you will find information about our upcoming events, which we hope you will find of interest.

Monique Rooney, What Should We Do with Our Brow?

Monique Rooney (ANU), What Should We Do with Our Brow? Thursday 9 February 2023, 4.00pm-5.30pm via zoom (please email monique.rooney@anu.edu.au for zoom link) “How do you distinguish yourself in a population of people who all got 1600 on their SATs” asks Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jessie Eisenberg) of his girlfriend Erica Albright (Rooney Mara) in … Continue reading

Jenny Wustenberg in conversation with Rosanne Kennedy

Jenny Wustenberg (Nottingham Trent) in conversation with Rosanne Kennedy (ANU) “German Memory Culture and Politics: the Documenta 15 Controversy in Context”German Memory Culture and Politics: the Documenta 15 Controversy in Context” Thursday 17 November, 4.30-6pm, A. D. Hope G28 When Documenta 15 opened in Kassel, Germany this year, it ignited controversy that plagued it throughout. … Continue reading

Sandra Young on Adaptation as Renewal

Sandra Young (University of Cape Town), “Adaptation as renewal: the transformative impact of Hamlet’s travels” Monday 21 November, 4.30-6pm, A. D. Hope G28 The brooding, introspective, post-Freudian Hamlet, prototype of modern Western subjectivity, has increasingly been made to reckon with the struggles of dispossession, political turmoil and police surveillance as the work has travelled globally. … Continue reading

Zack Karpinellison on Starstruck: Old Sydney vs New Canberra

Zach Karpinellison, “Starstruck: Old Sydney via New Canberra” Thursday 27 October, 4.30-6pm, A. D. Hope G28; online (contact Russell.Smith@anu.edu.au) In this work-in-progress paper, I am arguing that the National Film and Sound Archive’s restoration of Gillian Armstrong’s 1982 musical Starstruck led to the creation of a new version of the film which functioned to erase … Continue reading

Wannes Dupont on “Pinks, Reds and Post-war Blues”

Wannes Dupont (NUS Yale Singapore), “Pinks, Reds and Post-war Blues: Homosexuality and Global Institutions in the Early Cold War Era” Thursday 3 November, 12.30-1.30 pm, A. D. Hope G28; online (contact Russell.Smith@anu.edu.au) Today, as pluralism and the civil integration of sexual minorities have become hallmarks of Western countries’ liberal identity, we must recall that the … Continue reading

Maureen Gallagher on Decolonial Gazing and Hermeneutic Resistance

Thursday 6 October, 4.30-6pm, A. D. Hope G28 “Decolonial Gazing and Hermeneutic Resistance: Black German Challenges to White German Cultural Hegemony in the Museum” This work in progress essay highlights the ways that Black Europeans, in this case in the German context, challenge universalizing notions of cultural heritage to highlight decolonial possibilities and interrogate the … Continue reading