Annabelle Doherty

Annabelle Doherty is a Sessional Lecturer and Early Career Researcher in French and Film Studies at the Australian National University, where she teaches Introductory French.  Her research interests lie mainly in French cinema, especially heritage film, period dramas, historical and costume film, with a particular focus on adaptation, auteurism and stardom studies.  Currently Annabelle is writing her first monograph on French heritage and historical film, considering French and transnational films from the silent to contemporary eras to depict the French Wars of Religion, the French Revolution and Restoration period, and World War One.  Her study considers the films in relation to historical thinking and cultural memory.  Annabelle has published articles in the Australian Journal of French Studies and Adaptation


Doherty, A, 2018, ‘A Cinematic Cultural Memory of Courtship, Weddings, Marriage, and Adultery in July Monarchy France through Heritage Films Claude Chabrol’s Madame Bovary, Jean-Paul Rappeneau’s The Horseman on the Roof, and Catherine Breillat’s The Last Mistress’, Adaptation (advance access).

Doherty, A, 2012, ‘Digital Tableaux of Cinematic Cultural Memory in the French Heritage Film: Un long Dimanche de fiançailles’, Australian Journal of French Studies, vol.49, no. 2.

Doherty, A 2019. ‘Stardom and historical thinking in Isabelle Adjani’s French heritage film Camille Claudel‘, Studies in French Cinema.