Ash Collins

Ash’s primary research interests include twentieth- and twenty-first-century French intellectual history, twentieth-century French literature, continental philosophy, philosophy of religion and philosophy of education. His current work extends across three main projects. First, he is working on a monograph on the contemporary French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy’s deconstruction of Christianity project. By situating Nancy’s work in relation to Heidegger and Derrida in particular, he aims to explore its relevance for thinking both the place of religion in secular modernity and the future of deconstruction itself. His second project focuses on the life and work of the French novelist, essayist and musicologist Romain Rolland (1866-1944), including his position within a broader history of ideas (in relation to thinkers such as Spinoza, Nietzsche and Bergson in particular) and the significance of his work for understanding the roman-fleuve literary form. Ash has also just begun a project on the place of Bildung in pedagogical theory, looking at how this concept of self-cultivation can be used to frustrate the binary distinction between instrumentalist and cultural conceptions of education.

Relevant publications

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