Katharina Bonzel

Katharina Bonzel is Lecturer in Screen Studies at the Australian National University with a particular interest in mainstream and genre films and how they interact with race, gender and sexuality. Her first book, National Pastimes: Cinema, Sports, and Nation (University of Nebraska Press, 2020) unravels the delicate matrix of national identity, sports, and emotion through the lens of popular sports films in comparative national contexts, demonstrating in the process how popular culture provides a powerful vehicle for the development and maintenance of identities of place across a range of national cinemas. Her current research investigates the intersection of crime television, conceptions of justice and gender.

Her research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Screening the Past, Sports Coaching Review, and the award-winning bookLearning from Mickey, Donald and Walt: Essays on Disney’s Edutainment Films, ed. A. Bowdoin van Riper, McFarland, 2012.