Katie Sutton

Katie’s research interests focus particularly on the cultural history of gender and sexuality in the German-speaking world, and in particular, the tumultuous years of Germany’s Weimar Republic. Her forthcoming monograph, Sex Between Body and Mind (University of Michigan Press, 2019) examines the interdisciplinary relationship between sexual science and psychoanalysis from the late 19th century through to the interwar period, examining debates around the sexual life of the child, the nature of shellshock, the origins of homosexuality, and the role of the sex hormones. In 2019 she will begin work on a collaborative ARC Discovery Project on “Visual Evidence,” examining the role of photography and film in early 20th-century sex research, and she also has a strong ongoing research interest in German trans history, including articles for the Journal of the History of Sexuality and German Studies Review. Katie’s first book, The Masculine Woman in Weimar Germany (New York: Berghahn Books, 2011, pb. 2013) explored the widely-discussed ‘masculinization of woman’ in 1920s German popular culture, in areas such as fashion, sport, literature, cinema, and magazines produced by newly emerging sexual minorities. By focusing on styles, bodies and identities that did not conform to societal norms of binary gender or heterosexuality, this book contributed to our understanding of gendered lives and experiences at this pivotal juncture in German history.

Recent publications:

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