ANU’s Theory Reading Group

ANU’s Theory Reading Group (TRG) is on this Friday 2nd September, 4-6pm in the AD Hope Common Room (ANU), first floor above the Classics Museum.

The texts under discussion are two recent articles from New Left Review, Luc Boltanski & Arnaud Esquerre’s “The Economic Life of Things” and Marco D’Eramo’s “Dock Life”.

There are a number of suggestions on the table for coming weeks, continuing the vein of analyses dealing with the affective dimensions of late capitalism: a chapter or two from Eva Illouz’s Cold Intimacies: The Making of Emotional Capitalism; Fredric Jameson’s ‘controversial manifesto’ An American Utopia, and/or, William Davies’ essay (also from NLR), ‘The Political Economy of Unhappiness’; or even, an oldie but a goodie, Jacques Attali’s Noise. We’ll decide on Friday.

Hope to see you there & feel free to bring drinks, snacks, friends, fellow travellers, shipping containers packed with luxury goods, etc.

Russell Smith

Ps. Please do get in touch if you want to join TRG. We’ll sign you up to our mailing list and link you to the dropbox file of weekly readings.

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