Masterclass: Validating Historical Voyeurism (Prof Julie Allen)

Validating Historical Voyeurism:A Case for Archival Work

Presented by Professor Julie Allen (Brigham Young University)

Thursday 8 December 2016, 10am-12pm, Milage Room #165, Top Floor, AD Hope

While much great academic work happens exclusively in the mind, any sort
of detailed, original historical research requires archival work, often in far- ung, remote locations with limited opening hours, complicated catalogues, and seemingly arbitrary rules. This masterclass explores the challenges and delights of working in archives, from locating obscure materials to deciphering the handwriting in the letters and diaries of long-dead people. Taking early European silent cinema as a case study, we will compare collections, access requirements, and working conditions in the Danish Film Institute (DFI), the Lund University Library, the Deutsches Kinematek, and the Deutsches Filminstitut (DIF) to answer the following questions: What is the value of archival work? How can I nd what I’m looking for? What do I need to be aware of? These are some of the questions this two-hour session aims to explore.

This workshop is open to all HDR students and Early Career Researchers.

Please contact Dr Katie Sutton if you’d like to take part in this masterclass:

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