Tim Sargent on Melancholy

Please join us for this week’s CuSPP seminar:

Making Sense of Melancholy in Feminist and Queer Cultural Studies

Thursday 22 March, 1pm, Milgate Room, AD Hope Bldg, SLLL

There is a lot of interesting work on the subject of melancholy. Within feminist and queer cultural studies, however, this topic is under‐developed. This is despite an explosion of discourse on the subject of ‘abject’ mood within the same field. How do we ‘make sense’ of melancholy in this context? This thesis places several key feminist and queer scholars in dialogue with one another, with specific attention placed on their deployments of melancholy, where they might fall short, and how they can inform one another. This thesis seeks to bring melancholy further into the realm of active discussion within feminist and queer cultural studies.

Tim Sargent is a PhD candidate in SLLL. He leverages his interdisciplinary approach to explore research interests in emotion, mood, and identity.

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