Fabiana Jardim, What does it mean to take care of images? Reparations, grief and justice regarding (images of) violence 

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Thursday 4 May, 1-2pm (see CuSPP email or contact monique.rooney@anu.edu.au for zoom link).

“What does it mean to take care of images? Reparations, grief and justice regarding (images of) violence.” Inspired by a range of theoretical perspectives, including those of Susan Sontag, Judith Butler, Ariella Azoulay, Sharon Sliwinski, Georges Didi-Huberman and Saidyia Hartman, this paper reflects on the relationship between images and violence. In particular, the paper focuses on theories and practices of Latin-American and, mainly, Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous artists who have revisited archives of violence. These artists have stretched the limits of our imagi-nations to produce re-readings and re-assemblages that both attend to and reveal what survives in the archives in the face of the violence that also made them possible.

Fabiana Jardim is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education – University of São Paulo, Brazil and a Visiting Fellow at the College of Arts & Social Sciences – Australian National University (CAPES/PrInt Scholarship). Her research focuses on the themes of Latin American governmentality, citizenship, violence and memory, trying to theoretically account both for the history of invasion and slavery as for the dictatorships and new regimes of violence that mark the recent history of the continent. On the theme of governmentality, she has published an interview with Colin Gordon (“A brief genealogy of governmentality studies: the Foucault effect and its developments”); on the theme of State and authoritarianism, with Osvaldo López-Ruiz and Ana Lúcia Teixeira, she has published the chapter “The trickster logic in Latin America: leadership in Argentina and Brazil”)

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